I'm a messenger between China and the West, and although both are in different cultures, speak different languages, have different backgrounds, we are all connected and share the most intrinsic nature. I’m also a messenger between art and design. Translating in-between those two worlds and shifting different perspectives has helped me develop a unique design process. I value both fields with respect and try to find the most intuitive and reasonable design solution. As a transmedia designer, building that universal bridge is my lifelong project and I hope I can share that process with you. Show me your vision, I’ll be the messenger to deliver to the real world.

Speicalizing in Brand Visual Identity System/ Branding Strategy/Installation Art/ Digital Media Design/ Editorial Design/ Book DesignGraduated from ArtCenter College of Design.
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毕业于美国艺术中心设计学校(ArtCenter College of Design)
联系我: hello@ma.studio  ︎我的简历 
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I’m a transmedia designer