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Installation Design

Project at ArtCenter College of Design
Sponsored by Triad and Juganu

Juganu, an LED company sponsored a team of five students and one instructor to work as a team to pitch a large-scale interactive installation to showcase the tech-driven performance of innovative Juganu light. As a team, we started from concept developing, experimenting with the material, 3D rendering, building small-scale models, and presenting a realistic and feasible design solution. Inspired by the Juganu’s tagline “power of the sun,” the goal of our installation is to connect technology, humans and nature all together. The installation is currently in the development phase.

Final Proposal

It all started from the question “What if you can walk into the sun?” We consider the relationship between physical installation and the nature itself.  As the graph shows on the right, the audience can sit on the stair to watched the sunset. When the sun sets, our digital sun rises.

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