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Intangible Cultural Heritage

Visual Identity System
Dynamic Typeface Design: ICH Sans
Installation Design: Sensation

Project at ArtCenter College of Design

Recognition: TDC winner

Culture comes from a group of humans, and at the core of every human is their consciousness. Through our consciousness we perceive the world through sensation and our experience defines who we are and where we belong. Intangible Cultural Heritage introduces shapes that evoke that sensation within five categories that define intangible culture into a visual system. The selected shapes are driven from the visual language that originally appear on ancient pottery. The dynamic visual identity of this project breaks the stereotypical image of the current out of date model. This sends a new message to the public that ICH will adopt the most advanced technology to document intangible culture from all aspects. With a dynamic typeface and ever-changing logo, the visual identity system is representative of the way various cultures change, evolve, and mix together.

Visual Element Development Concept

Intangible Cultural Heritage includes five different categories: Oral traditions and Expressions, Performing arts, Social Practice, Knowledge and practices concerning nature and the universe, and Traditional craftsmanship. The visual identity system design for ICH  is based on the classification above. The selected shapes are driven from the visual language that originally appears on ancient pottery. I assigned the shapes to both the categories and the senses to visually represent the 48 concepts that currently are recorded in ICH. I also developed a dynamic typeface that work with the whole system. 

ID Collateral Design

When I designed the ID Collateral I thought about how technology influenced the way of making printed materials. Technology provides the opportunity to successfully translate the dynamic visual system into the physical world. Each business card, letterhead, and envelope is unique to itself with different back or inside patterns to reveal the variety of the ICH.

Environmental Design & Poster Design

From two dimension to three dimension, I tried to design a universal visual language across different media. I adopt the five sense shapes that are fundamental in the visual system to represent different locations in the ICH museum, Vision for Exhibition, Sound for Theater, Taste for Restaurant, Smell for Garden, Touch for Workshop. In order to emphasize the visual system, the dynamic typeface is also a part of the signage system.

Exhibition Newsletter & ICH Archive Documents

Website Design

When I designed the website I mainly focused on sorting information and documentation throughout visual elements. Creating an easy and accessible website for everybody to experience the charm of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

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