In Place: Reflection/Projection

Irene Hsiao in collaboration with Diego Campos, Max Li, Maddie Ma, and Roell Schmidt
High Concept Labs, Mana Contemporary Chicago, October 16, 2022, 12PM-4PM

MOVEMENT by Irene Hsiao
COSTUMES by Darling “Shear” Squire
COSTUME INSTALLATION by Irene Hsiao and Roell Schmidt


In Place: id + In Place: The Other Side by Diego Campos

In Place: Sensorial Traces by Stephanie Patsula

In Place by Michelle Reid

In Place: In Community (in progress) by Irene Hsiao with contributions by Felicia Holman, Amanda Maraist, Kinnari Vora, Zach Pine, Elijah Richardson, Anna Halprinʻs Scoring and Performance Lab: Sue Heineman, Ryan Reid, Kecya Felix Donnelly, Darcie Luce, Sherri Mills and Marguerite Etemad; Rebekah Enderle, B Lee, Berna Lee, Lydia Jekot, Erin Peisert, Julian Otis, Wannapa P-Eubanks, Cristal Sabbagh, Kara Brody, Nora Sharp, M Wu, Liz Luse and Carla, Bril Barrett and M.A.D.D. Rhythms, Anonymous.


Stephanie Patsula
Music from 中國:古琴, 文人的樂器
Music by Deaf Center

Featuring IN PLACE: DRAWING YOU OUTSIDE, Jackson Park’s Wooded Island, September 24-25, 2022. Performance by Irene Hsiao in collaboration with dancers Helen Lee, Amanda Maraist, Wannapa P-Eubanks, and Darling “Shear” Squire and musicians Menghua Guan (guzheng), olula negre (cello), and Scott Rubin (viola). Drawing You Outside by Christine Forni, exhibition in Christine Forni’s studio #416.

Special thanks to Jackson Park Advisory Council, Smart Museum of Art, and High Concept Labs, Louise McCurry, Karen Szyjka, Erik Peterson, C.J. Lind, Yolanda Cesta Cursach Montilla, Mallory Yanhan Qiu, and Angee Lennard.

Irene Hsiao acknowledges support for the In Place project from:

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