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Book Design
Typeface Design: Messenger Serif
Installation Design: Messenger Future 

Project at ArtCenter College of Design

MESSENGER is a book that makes a general survey of China in the past 30 years, while the economy rapidly grew, and the culture was wildly influenced by the West. Western lifestyle has gradually become the standard for a decent life in China.The book aims to provide unbiased and honest retrospection to the role of the cross-culture existing in modern society. The book uses Hermes, the Greek god who is a translator, trader, thief, trickster, alchemist, as a mouthpiece to reveal the story of cultural messaging between China and the West. In order to visually demonstrate the complex and entangled emotion of this mixed culture phenomenon, I designed a typeface that specifically serves the topic. The goal of the book is to provide another perspective to look at globalization.

Chapter – Trickster

Messenger Installation

I designed a installation to showcase the contents from the book MESSENGER  in an interactive and three dimensional experience. 

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